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Dunstanburgh Castle, Northumberland England

Castle Legends and Ghosts

Castles have been around for over a thousand years. Naturally, there are a few ghostly inhabitants that still call these ancient relics home. So the next time you are walking about a lonely castle and get a strange feeling that you are not alone, you just may be right...


Alnwick Castle: The Grey Lady of Alnwick Castle
Baconsthorpe Castle: The Sentry Ghost of Baconsthorpe Castle
Bamburgh Castle: The Pink Lady of Bamburgh Castle
Belvoir Castle: The Witches of Belvoir Castle
Berkeley Castle: The Ghost of King Edward II of Berkeley Castle
Bodiam Castle: The Ghosts of Bodiam Castle
Bowes Castle: The Roman Ghost Garrison of Bowes Castle
Carlisle Castle: The Scottish Lady of Carlisle Castle
Castle Rising Castle: The Ghost of Queen Isabella of Castle Rising Castle
Chillingham Castle: The Ghosts of Chillingham Castle
Clifford's Tower: The Bleeding Walls of Clifford's Tower
Conisbrough Castle: The Ghosts of Conisbrough Castle
Dover Castle: The Many Ghosts of Dover Castle
Dunstanburgh Castle: The Ghosts of Dunstanburgh Castle
Edlingham Castle: The Witch of Edlingham
Framlingham Castle: The Ghostly Screams of Framlingham Castle
Goodrich Castle: The Ghostly Lovers of Goodrich Castle
Hastings Castle: The Ghosts of Hastings Castle
Helmsley Castle: The Ghosts of Helmsley Castle
Hever Castle: The Ghost of Anne Boleyn of Hever Castle
Leeds Castle: The Black Dog of Leeds Castle
Lincoln Castle: The Haunted Chapel of Lincoln Castle
Lindisfarne Castle: The Ghost of St. Cuthbert of Lindisfarne Castle
Pevensey Castle: The Ghost of Lady Pelham of Pevensey Castle
Pickering Castle: The Ghost Monk of Pickering Castle
Richmond Castle: The Ghosts of Richmond Castle
Scarborough Castle: The Ghost of Piers Gaveston of Scarborough Castle
Spofforth Castle: The Half Ghost of Spofforth Castle
Sudeley Castle: The Ghosts of Sudeley Castle
Tower of London: The Ghosts of the Tower of London
Tynemouth Castle: The Viking Ghost of Tynemouth Castle
Warkworth Castle: The Ghosts of Warkworth Castle
Warwick Castle: The Ghost Tower of Warwick Castle


Château de Brissac: The Green Lady of Château de Brissac
Château de Chenonceau: The Ghosts of Catherine and Diane


Burg Frankenstein: Knight George and the Dragon
The Marksburg: Burg Braubach Becomes The Marksburg
The Mauseturm: Bishop Hatto and the Mauseturm
Burg Pflazgrafenstein: The Pfalz Island in the Rhine
Burg Rheinstein: Matchmaking at Burg Rheinstein
Burg Sooneck: Best Shot at Burg Sooneck
Burg Sterrenberg and Burg Liebenstein: The Hostile Brothers


Crichton Castle: Sir William Crichton of Crichton Castle
St. Andrews Castle: The Ghosts of St. Andrews Castle


Caernarfon Castle: The Floating Lady of Caernarfon Castle
Caerphilly Castle: The Green Lady of Caerphilly Castle
Carew Castle: The Ghosts of Carew Castle
Ogmore Castle: The White Lady of Ogmore Castle
Raglan Castle: The Librarian Ghost of Raglan Castle
Rhuddlan Castle: The Legend of Rhuddlan Castle