Ghosts of Beaumaris Castle

Construction of Beaumaris Castle began in 1295 by Edward I of England as part of his iron ring of castles in North Wales to subdue the Welsh. Due to the costly wars with Scotland, Beaumaris Castle was never completed.

Beaumaris Castle


Although partially built, it was still an active castle, besieged by the Welsh in 1403 and retaken by the English in 1405. In the 16th century, William Davies, a Welsh Catholic priest, was held prisoner in the castle dungeon and hanged, drawn, and quartered at the castle in 1593 for being a Catholic priest in a Protestant country.

Beaumaris Castle was also used during the English Civil War to support the Royalists and King Charles I. The castle surrendered to Parliamentarian forces and was not slighted.

The castle is a romantic ruin today and still home to a few restless spectral spirits…

The castle chapel, usually a place of solitude, sometimes echoes with chants and prayers from monks, only to fade out and return to silence a few moments later. Visitors also report a sudden drop in temperature in the chapel that suddenly returns to normal.

Heavy footsteps have been heard in other parts of the castle when no one else is around. Some visitors say when they turn to see who is there, shadowy forms are seen moving quickly around corners, which give off a feeling of loss and sadness.