Ghosts of Bodelwyddan Castle

Bodelwyddan Castle conveys a fairy tale feeling with its tall, slender crenelated towers and large windows. This type of architecture was common during the 19th century when Sir John Hay Williams built the fortification. Unlike many castles constructed for defensive purposes, Bodelwyddan Castle represented a status symbol. The structure encompasses parts of a manor house, which has existed at the location since the 1400s.

Bodelwyddan Castle


The castle was used as a hospital during World War I and later sold to Lowther College, which served as a private boarding school for girls. After the school closed in the 1980s, the local council took control of the castle and opened it to the public as an attraction, art gallery, and museum. Despite a relatively peaceful history, the castle is inhabited by various ghosts, as referenced below.

As Richard tells the story ...

Today, not only is Bodelwyddan Castle a great place to visit for its artwork and sculptures, but it's also a must for anyone interested in exploring a haunted building first-hand. The castle conducts frequent overnight paranormal investigations, which the general public can attend. Few who do so leave disappointed.

In the Watts Hall, where you can view paintings by the Victorian artist G.F. Watts on loan from the National Portrait Gallery with which the castle is partnered, the figure of a lady dressed in white has been known to disappear into one of the walls. One night, a staff member on security patrol opened the gallery door, shone his torch along the corridor, and noticed a pair of legs wearing white stockings and buckled shoes at the far end. After jumping back in shock, he recovered his composure and shone his torch back down the corridor, only to find it completely empty.

Other ghosts that linger at Bodelwyddan Castle include the wispy wraith of a woman drifting through the Sculpture Gallery; the shadowy figure of a soldier, no doubt from the same time when the castle was used as a hospital in World War I; and a blue lady who has been seen several times in the Tea Room.

Bodelwyddan Castle is a truly haunted and atmospheric place, and the opportunity to explore it when night has fallen and its many phantoms stir within its historic walls should not be missed.

- Richard Jones