Ghosts of Conwy Castle

Conwy Castle was built in 1289 in less than five years by Edward I of England as part of his Iron Ring of Castles to control the Welsh in Northern Wales. Before the castle, there was a Cistercian monastery on the site.

Conwy Castle


Conwy Castle has eight massive towers connected by a curtain wall. Its royal apartments are among the most complete residential rooms inhabited by the medieval monarchy anywhere in England or Wales. In 1301, the future King Edward II stayed at Conwy Castle for a few months to receive homage as Prince of Wales. The castle also held tense negotiations between Richard II and his eventual captures in 1399. These are the only times the royal apartments were used for their intended purpose.

Cony Castle was damaged after the English Civil War, and the apartments were never used again. However, the castle still seems to be home to some spirits who continue roaming its halls and battlements.

Reputed to be one of the most haunted locations in North Wales, Conwy Castle is full of unexplained apparitions. Reports of the ghost of a monk, a large man in armor illuminated by candlelight, and a dark silhouette have caused some visitors encountering these spirits to leave the castle in fear.

Besides sightings of the monk, visitors have also claimed to smell incense burning in the castle chapel despite there being no incense there. Dark figures have also been seen from windows and battlements, watching the town of Conwy below the castle. Some believe these are the spirits of bygone prisoners held at the castle by Henry VIII, who used the castle as a prison.