Ghost of Drumlanrig Castle

The current Drumlanrig Castle was built using finely hewn red sandstone between 1679 and 1689, in the late 17th century Renaissance style, on the site of an ancient Douglas stronghold overlooking the Nith Valley in Dumfriesshire. It is home to the Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberry.

Drumlanrig Castle


The castle is also home to some ethereal spirits.

One spirit that roams the castle's halls and rooms is thought to be the ghost of Lady Anne Douglas. However, her spirit is a bit disturbing because she carries her own severed head in her hands.

Another frequent ghost that resides at Drumlanrig Castle is that of a giant yellow monkey. It always appears in one castle room, named Yellow Monkey or Haunted Room. No one knows why the monkey haunts the castle, as no records indicate a monkey ever being there.