Burg Frankenstein - George and the Dragon

Burg Frankenstein resides quietly in the mountains near Darmstadt, Germany. Initially, artifacts dated the castle back to 1252. However, recently discovered documents in Leipzig reference Burg Frankenstein in 948.

Burg Frankenstein


Knight George von Frankenstein was the son of Phillip von Frankenstein and Margarethe Boeckle from the Uttingen Valley. After his untimely death in 1531, Knight George was buried in a crypt in the nearby village of Nieder-Beerbach. Carvings within the vault depict him slaying a dragon, which is underfoot with its tail wrapped around one of his legs. This image of Knight George confused people who mistakenly associated him with Saint George, who served as the legendary dragon slayer and patron Saint of the people in the middle ages.

Thus, a new legend was born.

Near Nieder-Beerbach, a terrible dragon lived in a brook in the Katzenborn. It would frequently terrorize villagers in the region. They would appease the dragon and persuade him to return to the stream by sacrificing a beautiful maiden. Accordingly, Annemarie, known as the "Rose of the Valley," was destined for sacrifice. Knight George, who secretly loved Annemarie, arrived at dawn dressed in shining armor after returning from a military expedition. George decided to fight the dragon as he could not permit the sacrifice of his secret love.

After a lengthy battle, George finally inflicted a deadly wound on the dragon and saved Annemarie. However, as the dragon writhed in pain, it curled its spiked tail around George's leg and pierced his skin with venomous poison.

Both George and the dragon died from injuries sustained in the combat. According to legend, the dragon's blood blackens the rapidly flowing river.