Burg Braubach Becomes The Marksburg

The Marksburg, which sits proudly above the town of Braubach, resides as the only Rhine Castle never to be destroyed. Prior to its current name of Marksburg, the castle was known as Burg Braubach.

The Marksburg


It was in those olden days a beautiful maiden named Elizabeth lived at the castle. She was the daughter of Noble Seigneur von Eppstein, Lord of the castle. Upon reaching marrying age, noble suitors from far and wide arrived to ask for her hand in marriage. All but one were politely welcomed and turned away.

A young knight named Siegbert von Lahnstein had won Elizabeth's heart, and he was worthy of it. As wedding preparations got underway, an order came for all land-owners and knights to participate in the war against Bohemia. The parting of the two lovers was painful, however, the anguish of awaiting the return of Seigbert was nearly unbearable for Elizabeth. The war, which felt like an eternity, eventually ended with Noblemen finally returning to their homes. Unfortunately, Siegbert was not among them as he lost his life at the Battle of Marchfeld.

Instead a young monk called Brother Mark who knew of Elizabeth's tragic loss arrived at the castle to provide comfort through this difficult time. Brother Mark was named after his Patron Saint, Saint Mark the Apostle, for whom the castle's chapel was dedicated. Approximately a year later, a young gentleman in black armor claiming to be a cousin of Siegbert appeared at Burg Lahneck. The individual, Rochus von Andechs, quickly claimed the inheritance, which gave him ownership of Burg Lahneck. Thereafter, he went to Burg Braubach to ask for Elizabeth's hand in marriage.

Elizabeth, who had not yet recovered from the loss of Siegbert, felt something was not right about Rochus. While he was handsome and rich with manners above reproach, his lack of compassionateness failed to win Elizabeth's heart. Consequently, Elizabeth opened her heart to the monk. She admitted Rochus made a favorable an impression but her instincts warned her to remain cautious. Elizabeth was not alone in her feeling as the monk felt the same. As a result of his distrust, Rochus held a deep resentment for the monk. Elizabeth's father, who harbored no ill feelings for Rochus, strongly urged his daughter to marry the Black Knight. In response, Elizabeth reluctantly agreed.

On the night before the wedding, the monk went to the castle chapel and prayed to St. Mark for Elizabeth's happiness and safety of her soul. He sensed she was in danger and knew divine intervention was needed to protect her. In a flash of blinding light, St. Mark appeared before the monk. He told the monk Rochus belonged to the Prince of Darkness. He gave Brother Mark a holy cross and told him to touch Rochus with it.

The following day, Elizabeth and Rochus came to the chapel for the wedding. Mark thrust the cross against the chest of Rochus. Rochus stomped the earth, whereupon it opened up and swallowed him. From that day forth, Burg Braubach has worn the name of the Saint, The Marksburg.