Ghosts of Pendragon Castle

Pendragon Castle resides in the Vale of Mallerstang near Outhgill and Kirby Stephen in Cumbria along the banks of the River Eden. The structure dates back to 1173 when it was built by Hugh de Morville, who represented one of the four knights that murdered Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury, in 1170.

Pendragon Castle


Legends suggest the 12th century Pendragon Castle was built atop the site of a 5th century fortress constructed by Uther Pendragon, father of King Arthur, who settled there after killing a dragon-serpent menacing the area. Various legends relating to Pendragon Castle arose with links to Arthurian tales and turbulent attacks by the Scots.

It is believed ghostly ladies in white fly around the castle ruins at night. Moreover, a mysterious horseman has been seen silently galloping towards the castle as moonbeams cloak the castle in an eerie glow. Some believe it is Uther Pendragon returning to seek shelter after a battle or a frantic messenger trying to warn the Clifford family of a pending attack by the Scots.

According to another legend, a treasure of gold is still buried somewhere in the castle ruins. However, digging for the riches is supposedly complicated by the spirit of a black-colored chicken that feverishly scratches and pecks at the ground being disturbed until it has been refilled.