Unexplained Activities at Prudhoe Castle

The original castle was constructed of wood following the Norman Conquest of England in 1066. Approximately a century later, the wood was replaced with stone. During the 19th century, a Georgian manor house replaced some of the medieval structures within the castle.

Prudhoe Castle


Prudhoe Castle was originally home to the Umfraville family but later passed to the Percy family through marriage. It survived two sieges by scottish forces during the 1170s and exists as the only Northumberland castle to withstand the Scots. Interestingly, Prudhoe meaning “Proud Hill” was appropriately given to the castle given its position high atop a steep embankment overlooking the River Tyne.

During occupation within Prudhoe Castle over the course of more than nine centuries, various unexplained activities occurred. Instances of a white horse seen soundlessly pacing the outer ward, as well as sounds of chanting from the castle chapel were reported. In the East Tower, residents heard sounds of a ball bouncing up and down the stairs yet no person nor ball were ever present during these occurrences. A more mysterious event took place in the hall of the Georgian manor house where a very heavy oak table top suddenly fell to the floor during the night, thereby causing the whole house to shake. Occupants at the time thought a large explosion happened. Inexplicably, the table top was so heavy that three men were needed to lift it back into position.

During another time period, a couple who lived in the castle were in the living room where the English Heritage shop resides today. The husband previously suffered partial paralysis of the face, which eventually disappeared over time. One night thereafter, he was startled by sounds outside the window. Believing it was a prowler, the husband flung open the curtains and saw a huge white shape rushing towards him. Was it the white horse of Prudhoe Castle, a more sinister spirit, or simply a trick of light? It was never determined, however, his facial paralysis returned after the incident.