Ghosts of Raby Castle

Raby Castle was built by John Neville, 3rd Baron Neville de Raby, in the late 14th century. The Neville family was strong in Northern England and maintained control of Raby Castle until 1569, when the castle was forfeited to the crown after the failed Rising of the North Rebellion in which the Nevilles sided against the King.

Raby Castle


Raby Castle had had a peaceful existence, only being besieged in 1648 during the English Civil War when Royalists attacked the castle because Sir Charles Vane owned the castle and supported Parliamentarian forces against the King. The castle suffered minor damage. The Vane family still owns Raby Castle and holds the title of Lord Barnard.

Lord Barnard is not the only one who calls the castle home. Several spectral spirits still roam the castle grounds and rooms within.

The ghost of Charles Neville, 6th Earl of Westmorland, has been spotted on the staircase and in the Baron's Hall, where he met with the Percy Family in 1569 to plan the Rising of the North. His ghost is said to be angry, perhaps for having lost his lands, title, and castle.

The suspected ghost of Lady Barnard has been seen roaming the castle corridors at night and knitting with white-hot knitting needles, apparantly seething over her son Gilbert marrying against her wishes. She appears very old looking with wild eyes that glow in the dark. She was known as Old Hell Cat and perhaps hasn't changed in the hereafter.

The disturbing ghost of a portly man in the castle's library has been seen sitting at the desk. However, it's just his body in the chair as his head has been reported to be lying beside his body on top of the table, still moving his mouth as though dictating a letter.

And yet another ghost has been spotted outside, riding around the castle, and vanishes into thin air just as it reaches the castle gatehouse.